Why did the Wolf Lick Perrin?

Answered by Willian Lymon

The scene where the wolves lick Perrin’s wound is a significant moment in the show because it reveals a deeper connection between Perrin and the wolves. This connection is rooted in Perrin’s supernatural ability to communicate with and attract wolves.

One possible reason why the wolves licked Perrin’s wound is that they sensed the presence of Trolloc poison. Wolves have a keen sense of smell and are known to lick wounds to clean them and promote healing. In this case, the wolves may have instinctively recognized the poison and tried to help Perrin by removing it from his wound.

Another reason could be that the wolves have an inherent healing ability that is triggered when they come into contact with Perrin. Throughout the series, it is established that wolves possess mystical qualities and possess a deep connection to the natural world. It is possible that their saliva contains healing properties that can counteract the effects of the Trolloc poison.

Moreover, the wolves’ actions can be seen as a manifestation of their loyalty and connection to Perrin. In the Wheel of Time series, Perrin is often referred to as a “Wolfbrother” because of his unique ability to communicate with wolves. This connection goes beyond mere communication and extends to a deeper bond. The wolves see Perrin as one of their own, and they demonstrate their loyalty by helping him in times of need.

Additionally, the wolves’ actions could be attributed to the fact that Perrin is a ta’veren, a person with a strong influence on the pattern of the world. Ta’veren are often surrounded by mysterious events and attract unlikely occurrences. In this case, Perrin’s ta’veren nature may have influenced the wolves to aid him by licking his wound.

In my personal experience, I have encountered situations where animals have shown remarkable empathy and intuition. Whether it’s a pet sensing when their owner is feeling down or animals displaying unexpected protective behavior, it is clear that there is a deeper connection between humans and animals. This connection can transcend the boundaries of species and enable animals to understand and respond to our needs in ways that are beyond our comprehension.

To summarize, the wolf’s decision to lick Perrin’s wound can be attributed to a combination of factors. These include their keen sense of smell, their inherent healing abilities, their loyalty to Perrin as a Wolfbrother, and the influence of Perrin’s ta’veren nature. The exact reason may remain a mystery, but it is clear that the wolves’ actions were driven by a deep connection and a desire to help Perrin.