Why did the Spider only bite Peter?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

The reason why the spider only bit Peter Parker and granted him the powers of a spider is rooted in the mystical realm. It was revealed in the comics that a mystical being known as the Great Weaver selected the spider to be his avatar. This Great Weaver, a powerful entity, manipulated events to ensure that the spider would come into contact with radiation and then bite Peter, thus passing on its powers.

The concept of the Great Weaver choosing an avatar adds a supernatural element to the origin story of Spider-Man. It suggests that there is a higher power at play, orchestrating events in order to bestow these incredible abilities upon Peter Parker. This idea adds depth to the character’s journey and elevates his role as a hero.

The Great Weaver’s specific reasons for selecting Peter Parker as the recipient of the spider’s bite are not explicitly stated in the comics. However, one can speculate on a few possible explanations.

Firstly, Peter Parker’s character traits and circumstances may have made him a suitable candidate in the eyes of the Great Weaver. Peter is often depicted as intelligent, kind-hearted, and possessing a strong sense of responsibility. Perhaps the Great Weaver saw these qualities in Peter and believed that he would use his newfound powers for the greater good. Additionally, Peter’s personal experiences, such as the loss of his Uncle Ben, could have further shaped his character and made him more receptive to the responsibilities that come with his powers.

Another possibility is that the Great Weaver foresaw some future event or conflict that would require someone with Peter’s unique abilities. The spider’s bite may have been a way to prepare him for a greater purpose, whether it be protecting innocent lives or facing powerful adversaries. This idea of a larger destiny adds an element of destiny and fate to Peter’s story, enhancing the hero’s journey narrative.

It’s important to note that the concept of a higher power or mystical being bestowing powers upon a chosen individual is not unique to Spider-Man. Similar themes can be found in various mythologies and superhero narratives. These elements often serve to add a sense of wonder and mystery to the origin stories of these characters, and in the case of Spider-Man, the inclusion of the Great Weaver introduces a mystical and supernatural aspect to his powers.

The reason why the spider only bit Peter Parker can be attributed to the intervention of a mystical being known as the Great Weaver. This entity selected the spider as its avatar and orchestrated events to ensure that Peter would receive its powers. While the specific reasons for choosing Peter are not explicitly stated, it can be speculated that his character traits, personal experiences, and potential future role as a hero may have played a role in the Great Weaver’s decision. The inclusion of the Great Weaver adds a supernatural element to Spider-Man’s origin story and enhances the sense of destiny and purpose in his journey.