Why did Shamgar use an Oxgoad?

Answered by James Kissner

Shamgar, a farmer by trade, relied on his ox goad as an essential tool for his daily activities on the farm. An ox goad is a long, sturdy pole with a pointed end that farmers used to prod and direct their oxen while plowing fields or performing other agricultural tasks. This simple yet effective tool was instrumental in Shamgar’s farming routine, allowing him to guide his oxen and maintain control over his farming operations.

However, Shamgar’s use of the ox goad extended beyond his daily agricultural work. In a remarkable display of courage and strength, Shamgar also employed his trusty ox goad as a weapon against his enemies. During a time of great turmoil and oppression, when Israel was under the rule of foreign powers, Shamgar rose up as a deliverer and defender of his people.

According to the biblical account in the book of Judges, Shamgar single-handedly killed 600 men using only his ox goad. This astonishing feat demonstrates the extraordinary skill, determination, and resourcefulness of Shamgar. In the face of overwhelming odds, he utilized the tool he was most familiar with, turning it into a formidable weapon to protect his people and fight for their freedom.

It is important to note that the use of an ox goad as a weapon was highly unconventional. In the context of warfare, it was customary for soldiers to wield swords, spears, or other traditional weapons. However, Shamgar’s choice to use an ox goad speaks volumes about his ingenuity and adaptability. He made the most of the resources available to him, leveraging his expertise with the tool he knew best to overcome his adversaries.

Shamgar’s use of an ox goad as a weapon also highlights the dire circumstances in which he and his fellow Israelites found themselves. They were oppressed and outnumbered, lacking access to conventional weaponry. In such a challenging environment, Shamgar’s ability to improvise and make the most of his limited resources proved invaluable.

Moreover, Shamgar’s use of the ox goad reflects the determination and resilience of farmers in general. Farmers are often portrayed as hardworking individuals who rely on their ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles. In Shamgar’s case, his skill with the ox goad, honed through years of working on his farm, became a symbol of his unwavering commitment to defending his people and standing up against oppression.

Shamgar’s use of an ox goad as a weapon was rooted in his familiarity with the tool as a farmer. This unconventional choice demonstrated his resourcefulness, adaptability, and determination to defend his people. Shamgar’s remarkable feat of killing 600 men with an ox goad serves as a testament to his courage and the extraordinary lengths he was willing to go to protect his community.