Why did Esdeath kill Tatsumi?

Answered by Jason Smith

Esdeath killed Tatsumi because she realized that he was not going to change his mind about being with her. Despite all of her efforts to win him over, Tatsumi remained steadfast in his belief that her actions were wrong and that he could not be swayed by her power or charm.

Esdeath, being someone who is used to getting what she wants, became frustrated and desperate. She believed that if she couldn’t have Tatsumi for herself, then no one else should have him either. This possessiveness and obsession over Tatsumi led her to the extreme decision of killing him.

Esdeath’s mindset was shaped by her upbringing and the environment she grew up in. She was raised in a harsh and brutal world where power and strength were valued above all else. As a high-ranking general in the Empire, she had been conditioned to see violence and killing as a means to achieve her goals. In her eyes, eliminating Tatsumi was a way to assert her dominance and ensure that he would never be taken away from her.

Furthermore, Esdeath’s actions were driven by her twisted understanding of love. To her, love was not about mutual respect, understanding, and compromise, but rather about possession and control. She believed that by killing Tatsumi, she would be eliminating any potential threat to their relationship and ensuring his eternal loyalty to her.

It’s important to note that Esdeath’s decision to kill Tatsumi was not justified or morally right. It was a result of her distorted perception of love and her inability to accept rejection. Her actions were fueled by her own selfish desires and the belief that she had the right to possess and control others.

Esdeath killed Tatsumi because she couldn’t accept his rejection and was unwilling to let him go. Her possessive and obsessive nature, combined with her distorted understanding of love, led her to believe that killing him was the only way to ensure that no one else would have him. However, her actions were driven by selfishness and a warped sense of entitlement, ultimately highlighting the destructive consequences of her mindset.