Why did Big leave his ex-wife money?

Answered by Edward Huber

When it comes to the complicated world of relationships, there are often many factors at play that lead to certain decisions. In the case of Big leaving $1 million to his ex-wife, Natasha Naginsky, there are several reasons that could have influenced this action.

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge the history between Big, Natasha, and Carrie. Carrie was involved in an affair with Big while he was still married to Natasha. This indiscretion undoubtedly played a significant role in the breakdown of their marriage. Infidelity can cause deep emotional pain and damage the trust between partners, making it difficult to rebuild the relationship.

Furthermore, the circumstances under which Carrie discovered the affair added another layer of complexity to the situation. Carrie caught Big and Natasha together in her own home, which likely added a sense of betrayal and violation. This incident may have heightened the emotional intensity of the divorce proceedings, making it more difficult for both parties to reach a fair settlement.

Considering these factors, it is possible that Big’s decision to leave a substantial sum of money to Natasha after their divorce was a gesture of remorse and guilt. Money can often be seen as a way to compensate for past mistakes or alleviate some of the pain caused by a broken relationship. By providing Natasha with a substantial financial settlement, Big may have been attempting to ease his conscience and make amends for the pain he caused.

Another possible reason for Big leaving money to Natasha could be a sense of obligation or responsibility. Despite the circumstances of their divorce, Big may have felt that he owed Natasha financial support. This could be due to a number of factors, such as their previous lifestyle and shared assets, or simply a desire to ensure that Natasha is taken care of following the end of their marriage.

It is also worth considering that Big’s decision may have been influenced by legal and financial considerations. Divorce settlements often involve the division of assets and financial support for the less financially stable partner. Without knowing the specifics of their divorce agreement, it is difficult to say how much of Big’s decision was driven by legal obligations versus personal motivations.

The reasons behind Big leaving a substantial sum of money to his ex-wife, Natasha, are likely multifaceted. It could be a combination of guilt, a desire to make amends, a sense of responsibility, and legal considerations. Relationships are complex, and the motivations behind certain actions can be equally intricate. Ultimately, only Big himself would truly know the full extent of his reasoning.