Why can’t BTS say brand names on Vlive?

Answered by James Kissner

BTS, like many other artistes, generally try to avoid mentioning brand names on platforms like Vlive for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the immense power that BTS holds when it comes to influencing consumer behavior.

When BTS mentions or endorses a particular brand, their fans, known as the ARMY, tend to flock to purchase those products, often resulting in them selling out within minutes. This level of influence is known as the “BTS effect,” and it can have a significant impact on companies. However, this influence can also be a double-edged sword.

By avoiding mentioning specific brand names, BTS maintains a sense of neutrality and prevents themselves from being seen as endorsing or favoring any particular company. This can help them maintain a level playing field and avoid any potential backlash or criticism from fans who may not support or have access to those specific brands.

Furthermore, mentioning brand names on Vlive or other platforms could lead to legal issues. Companies may require permission or payment for the use of their brand names in promotional material. By avoiding direct brand mentions, BTS can sidestep these potential legal complications and focus on delivering content that fans can enjoy without any corporate entanglements.

In addition to these practical reasons, there may also be a desire to maintain authenticity and artistic integrity. BTS members often express themselves through their music and performances, and they may feel that name-dropping brands would detract from the genuine emotions and messages they are trying to convey. By focusing on their artistry rather than commercial endorsements, they can stay true to their creative vision.

It’s worth noting that while BTS may avoid mentioning brand names explicitly, they are still known to indirectly promote products through their fashion choices or by showcasing certain items during their Vlive broadcasts. This subtle form of promotion allows them to maintain a sense of authenticity while also potentially benefiting from brand partnerships or sponsorships.

The decision for BTS to avoid mentioning brand names on Vlive and other platforms is a strategic one. It helps them maintain their influence without alienating fans, avoid legal complications, and preserve their artistic integrity. By staying true to their principles, BTS continues to captivate audiences worldwide and maintain their position as one of the biggest musical acts in the world.