Why aren’t all Monstera leaves splitting?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Not all Monstera leaves split because splitting is a natural characteristic that develops as the plant matures. It does not happen immediately for every leaf. The splits, also known as fenestrations, occur due to a combination of genetic factors and environmental conditions.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that Monstera plants go through different stages of growth. Younger plants typically have solid, unsplit leaves. As the plant ages and gains more energy and nutrients, it directs its growth towards producing larger leaves with splits. So, if your Monstera is still relatively young, it may not have reached the stage where it produces split leaves yet.

Secondly, genetic factors play a role in determining whether a Monstera leaf will split or not. Some Monstera varieties are naturally more prone to developing fenestrations, while others may produce leaves with minimal or no splits. This genetic variation is similar to how different plant species have different leaf shapes or colors. So, if you have a Monstera variety that is not known for its split leaves, it is perfectly normal for most of the leaves to remain solid.

Furthermore, environmental conditions can influence whether a Monstera leaf will split or not. The plant needs to be in an environment that provides optimal conditions for growth and development. Factors such as light, humidity, temperature, and air circulation can all impact the formation of fenestrations. For example, Monstera plants tend to produce more split leaves when they receive bright, indirect light and higher humidity levels. If the plant is not receiving these favorable conditions, it may not develop as many splits on its leaves.

It’s important to note that while split leaves are desirable for many Monstera enthusiasts, it doesn’t necessarily indicate the overall health of the plant. Even if your Monstera is not producing many splits, as long as it is growing new leaves and maintaining its vibrant green color, it is likely still a healthy plant.

Not all Monstera leaves split due to a combination of factors including the plant’s age, genetic variation, and environmental conditions. It is perfectly normal for some leaves to remain solid, and it doesn’t necessarily indicate any problems with the plant’s health or vitality. As long as the Monstera continues to grow and thrive, there is no cause for concern.