Why are some Titans aberrant?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Aberrant Titans, also known as abnormal Titans, are a fascinating phenomenon in the world of Attack on Titan. These Titans exhibit strange and unpredictable behaviors, deviating from the typical mindless and instinct-driven nature of regular Titans. There are two main reasons why some Titans become aberrant: control by specific Titans with mind-manipulating abilities and the influence of their past lives.

One of the primary reasons for aberrant behavior in Titans is the control exerted by Titans with unique abilities. The most prominent example of this is the Founding Titan, which possesses the power to control and manipulate the minds of other Titans. Through the Founding Titan’s ability, the holder can command and direct regular Titans, turning them into aberrant beings that act according to their will. This control allows for strategic manipulation of Titans during battles and can result in aberrant Titans displaying unusual behaviors such as targeting specific individuals or exhibiting higher intelligence.

Another reason for aberrant behavior lies in the emotional connection and attachment that Titans may hold onto from their past lives. In the Attack on Titan universe, it is revealed that Titans are actually transformed humans. When a human is turned into a Titan, their consciousness is lost, and they become mindless creatures driven by their most basic instincts. However, in some cases, certain Titans retain fragments of their previous identities, memories, or emotions.

These retained attributes manifest in the form of aberrant behavior. For example, a Titan may exhibit protective instincts towards a particular location or person they held dear in their human life. This attachment can drive aberrant Titans to act in unconventional ways, such as defending a specific area or relentlessly pursuing a particular individual. These behaviors reflect the remnants of the Titan’s past life and the things they may have cared about deeply.

It is worth noting that aberrant behavior is not limited to Titans controlled by other Titans or those influenced by their past lives. Sometimes, certain Titans simply exhibit abnormal behaviors without a clear explanation. These aberrant Titans may display heightened aggression, increased agility, or even the ability to speak, further adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding them.

Aberrant Titans in Attack on Titan are either under the control of Titans with mind-manipulating abilities or exhibit behaviors influenced by their past lives. The control exerted by Titans like the Founding Titan allows for strategic manipulation of regular Titans, turning them into aberrant beings. On the other hand, aberrant behavior can also stem from the emotional connection and remnants of their previous human lives. These Titans may retain memories or attachments, causing them to act in unpredictable and unconventional ways. The presence of aberrant Titans adds depth and complexity to the story, making the world of Attack on Titan even more intriguing.