Who was Lelouch inspired by?

Answered by Edward Huber

Lelouch Lamperouge, the protagonist of Code Geass, definitely has some striking similarities to Kamui Shiro from the series X/1999. It’s clear that the character design for Lelouch was heavily inspired by Kamui, with both characters sharing a similar appearance and hairstyle.

One of the most noticeable similarities between Lelouch and Kamui is their long, flowing hair. Both characters have dark, voluminous locks that cascade down their backs, giving them a distinctive and eye-catching look. This particular hairstyle is not very common among anime characters, so it’s hard to ignore the connection between Lelouch and Kamui.

Another aspect that draws a parallel between the two characters is their choice of weapon. After Lelouch gains his Geass power and becomes the masked vigilante Zero, he wields a sleek and elegant sword. This sword bears a striking resemblance to the one carried by Kamui in X/1999. It’s a small detail, but it’s a nod to the source material and a clear indication of the influence X/1999 had on Code Geass.

Furthermore, both Lelouch and Kamui share a sense of destiny and the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. Kamui’s role in X/1999 is to decide the fate of the world, while Lelouch’s goal is to create a better world for his sister and avenge his mother’s death. Both characters are burdened with immense power and face difficult choices throughout their respective stories.

It’s worth mentioning that Code Geass was created by the same creative team behind X/1999, including the renowned writer Clamp. Given this connection, it’s not surprising to see elements from X/1999 find their way into Code Geass. These easter eggs serve as a treat for fans of both series, adding a layer of depth and nostalgia to the show.

Lelouch’s character design and the sword he wields in Code Geass were indeed inspired by Kamui Shiro from X/1999. The similarities in their appearance, hairstyle, and weapon choice are hard to ignore. These easter eggs from X/1999 contribute to the overall charm and homage-filled nature of Code Geass, making it an even more enjoyable experience for fans of both series.