WHO recognizes Saitama’s power?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Jinzuren, also known as Jinruzen, was one of the early staff members of the Hero Association who became aware of the extraordinary strength possessed by Saitama. This recognition came about when Saitama broke all previous records in the fitness test conducted by the association. In a conversation with Sneck, Jinzuren described Saitama’s power as if it were a divine force residing within him.

Jinzuren’s observation of Saitama’s power showcases the awe and disbelief that many individuals felt upon witnessing the extent of his abilities. The comparison to God residing on Saitama’s body emphasizes the magnitude and inexplicable nature of his strength. This description further highlights the unparalleled nature of Saitama’s power, as if it transcends the limits of what is considered humanly possible.

The recognition of Saitama’s power by Jinzuren is significant because it signifies the beginning of a realization within the Hero Association that there is a hero of immense strength among them. Prior to this, Saitama had been relatively unknown, struggling to gain recognition for his heroic deeds. However, Jinzuren’s observation serves as a turning point, as it prompts further investigation into Saitama’s capabilities and ultimately leads to his acceptance into the Hero Association.

The description of Saitama’s power as godlike resonates with anyone who has witnessed extraordinary feats or encountered individuals with incomprehensible abilities. It captures the sense of wonder and astonishment that arises when faced with something beyond the ordinary. This recognition by Jinzuren also highlights the impact that Saitama’s power has on those who become aware of it, leaving a lasting impression on them.

In a broader context, the recognition of Saitama’s power by Jinzuren reflects a common human tendency to attribute extraordinary abilities to a higher power or divine intervention. It is a testament to the limits of human understanding and the need to find explanations for phenomena that defy conventional logic.

Jinzuren’s recognition of Saitama’s power as if God were residing on his body signifies the beginning of an understanding within the Hero Association of the exceptional abilities possessed by Saitama. This awe-inspiring observation sets in motion a series of events that lead to Saitama’s acceptance into the association and his eventual rise as a renowned hero. The comparison to a divine force emphasizes the incomprehensible nature of his strength and leaves a lasting impression on those who witness it.