Who purchased Ballast Point Brewery?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

I was really excited to learn about the acquisition of Ballast Point Brewery by Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. It was quite a surprise to me, as I have been a fan of Ballast Point for a while now. The news came out in 2019, and it was interesting to see how the craft beer industry was evolving.

Let me give you some background information about Ballast Point Brewery. It was founded in 1996 by Jack White, and it quickly gained popularity for its innovative and high-quality beers. They became known for their wide range of styles, from IPAs to stouts, and their dedication to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

However, in 2015, Ballast Point was acquired by Constellation Brands, a large beverage alcohol company. This move brought both benefits and challenges for Ballast Point. On one hand, it provided the brewery with more resources and distribution channels, allowing their beers to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, some craft beer enthusiasts felt that the acquisition compromised the independent and creative spirit of the brewery.

Fast forward to 2019, and Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. stepped in to purchase Ballast Point Brewery from Constellation Brands. Kings & Convicts is a much smaller brewery based in Illinois, and this acquisition marked their entry into the national craft beer scene. It was a bold move for them, but it also showed their ambition and belief in the potential of Ballast Point.

Personally, I found it intriguing to see a smaller brewery taking over a well-established brand like Ballast Point. It made me wonder about the future direction of the brewery and how Kings & Convicts would put their own stamp on it. Would they maintain the legacy and reputation of Ballast Point, or would they bring in their own ideas and approaches?

Since the acquisition, Kings & Convicts has been working to revive and reinvigorate the Ballast Point brand. They have been focusing on reconnecting with the local community in San Diego, where Ballast Point originated, and listening to the feedback and preferences of their customers. They have also been experimenting with new beer styles and flavors, while still staying true to the core of what made Ballast Point great.

I recently had the opportunity to try some of the beers produced by the new Ballast Point under Kings & Convicts ownership, and I was impressed. The quality and creativity were still there, and it felt like they were breathing new life into the brand. It made me excited to see what the future holds for Ballast Point and how Kings & Convicts will continue to shape its identity.

Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. purchased Ballast Point Brewery from Constellation Brands in 2019. This acquisition brought together a smaller, up-and-coming brewery with a well-established and respected brand. It is a fascinating development in the craft beer industry and has sparked curiosity about the future of Ballast Point under its new ownership.