Who played the boys in Weird Science?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Vanessa Angel portrayed the character of Lisa in the television series adaptation of Weird Science. She brought charm and charisma to the role, capturing the essence of the beautiful and intelligent computer-generated woman. With her captivating presence and impeccable comedic timing, Vanessa Angel became an integral part of the show’s success.

Michael Manasseri portrayed the character of Wyatt, one of the main protagonists in Weird Science. As Wyatt, he embodied the quintessential teenage boy, navigating the complexities of adolescence and the challenges of creating a perfect woman. Manasseri’s portrayal of Wyatt was sincere and relatable, making him a likable and engaging character for viewers.

John Mallory Asher played the role of Gary, Wyatt’s best friend and partner in their quest to create the perfect woman. Asher brought a natural charm and comedic flair to the character, making Gary both endearing and hilarious. His chemistry with Manasseri’s Wyatt was a highlight of the show, as their friendship and antics provided much of the series’ humor.

Lee Tergesen portrayed Chet, Wyatt’s older brother, in Weird Science. Tergesen’s portrayal of Chet was nothing short of extraordinary. He brought a perfect blend of obnoxiousness and comedic timing to the role, making Chet a memorable and scene-stealing character. Tergesen’s ability to deliver outlandish lines with a straight face added to the overall comedic appeal of the show.

The dynamic between the four main characters, Lisa, Wyatt, Gary, and Chet, was a major driving force behind the success of the series. Their interactions and comedic timing created a unique and entertaining dynamic that kept audiences engaged and coming back for more.

As an expert, it is important to note that the television series adaptation of Weird Science maintained the spirit of the original film while also adding its own unique elements. The casting choices for the boys, Michael Manasseri as Wyatt, John Mallory Asher as Gary, and Lee Tergesen as Chet, were instrumental in bringing the characters to life and contributing to the overall success of the show. Their performances, along with Vanessa Angel’s portrayal of Lisa, helped create a memorable and beloved television series adaptation of Weird Science.