Who played Jill’s mom on Home Improvement?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Jill’s mom on Home Improvement was played by Polly Holliday. Her character’s name was Lillian “Nana” Patterson. Polly Holliday is a talented actress who brought a lot of depth and humor to the role.

Nana Patterson was a recurring character on the show, appearing in multiple episodes throughout the series. She was portrayed as a strong-willed and sometimes meddlesome mother, always looking out for her daughter Jill and her family.

I remember Nana Patterson being a feisty and sassy character. She often had funny one-liners and was not afraid to speak her mind. She had a close relationship with Jill and would often offer her advice, whether it was wanted or not.

Nana Patterson’s interactions with the rest of the Taylor family were always entertaining. She had a particularly special bond with her grandson Randy, who was played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Nana and Randy shared a love for adventure and the outdoors, and this common interest brought them closer together.

In one memorable storyline, Nana Patterson decided to leave for Costa Rica with Randy. Randy was Jill’s tomboy girlfriend, portrayed by Lauren (Courtney Peldon), and the two of them decided to embark on a journey together. It was a surprising twist in the show, but it showcased Nana’s independent and adventurous spirit.

Polly Holliday did an excellent job portraying the character of Nana Patterson on Home Improvement. Her portrayal brought warmth and humor to the show, and her chemistry with the rest of the cast was evident. Nana Patterson added a unique dynamic to the Taylor family, and her presence was definitely missed when she was not on screen.