Who played D Angelo’s assistant in The Office?

Answered by John Hunt

Cody Horn played the character of Jordan Garfield, Deangelo’s executive assistant, in the television show The Office. This episode marked her first appearance on the show, and it was also the first of three new roles introduced after Steve Carell’s departure from the series.

Cody Horn’s portrayal of Jordan Garfield was initially supposed to be a recurring role, with the potential of becoming a series regular. This suggests that the character was intended to have a significant impact on the storyline and the dynamics of the office.

It is worth noting that Cody Horn’s casting in this role brought a fresh face to the show, as she was not a part of the original cast. This addition could have been a strategic move by the producers to inject new energy into the series after the departure of a beloved main character.

The introduction of a new character like Jordan Garfield, as Deangelo’s executive assistant, could have provided an opportunity for new storylines and interactions within the office. It is common for television shows to introduce new characters after a major cast change to keep the audience engaged and the narrative evolving.

As an expert, I can appreciate the significance of casting decisions and the impact they can have on a show’s overall dynamic. Introducing a new character, especially in a pivotal role like an executive assistant, can bring fresh perspectives and storylines to the show.

Cody Horn played the character of Jordan Garfield, Deangelo’s executive assistant, in The Office. Her casting in this role marked the beginning of a new chapter in the series after Steve Carell’s departure, and her character had the potential to become a significant presence in the office.