Who owns Voli?

Answered by John Hunt

As of 2016, Armando Christian Perez, more commonly known as Pitbull, is the owner of Voli Vodka. The brand was originally founded in 2008 in France and was known as Voli Vodka. However, in 2016, Pitbull acquired the brand and decided to move the production to his hometown.

Pitbull, an internationally renowned rapper, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, saw the potential in Voli Vodka and decided to take ownership of the brand. With his Cuban-American roots and love for his hometown, it made sense for him to bring the production of Voli Vodka to his hometown.

By acquiring Voli Vodka, Pitbull not only became the owner of the brand but also took on the responsibility of ensuring its success and growth. This move allowed him to have more control over the production process and to contribute to his local community by creating job opportunities in his hometown.

Pitbull’s ownership of Voli Vodka signifies his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to diversify his business ventures. He has been involved in various industries, including music, fashion, and now the spirits industry. This move also showcases his commitment to his heritage and his desire to contribute to the economic development of his hometown.

Being a fan of Pitbull and his music, I was intrigued when I learned about his ownership of Voli Vodka. I found it impressive how he was able to expand his business portfolio and take on new challenges in different industries. It also made me appreciate the entrepreneurial mindset and the willingness to take risks in order to achieve success.

Pitbull is the proud owner of Voli Vodka, a brand that has been around since 2008 but found new life under his ownership. His decision to acquire the brand and move production to his hometown demonstrates his commitment to his heritage and his desire to make a positive impact on his community.