Who owns the Jimmy Dean Sausage franchise?

Answered by Robert Flynn

The Jimmy Dean Sausage franchise is currently owned by Tyson Foods. However, the journey of ownership for this iconic brand began in 1969 when it was founded by country singer and actor, Jimmy Dean himself.

After achieving success with his sausage business, Dean decided to sell the company in 1984 to the food conglomerate Sara Lee Corporation. Under Sara Lee’s ownership, the Jimmy Dean brand continued to grow and expand its product offerings, becoming well-known for its breakfast sausage and other meat products.

In 2012, Sara Lee decided to split its business into two separate companies: one focused on meats and the other on baked goods. This move resulted in the creation of Hillshire Brands, which included the Jimmy Dean brand among its portfolio.

However, the story didn’t end there. In 2014, Tyson Foods, one of the largest food companies in the world, made a bid to acquire Hillshire Brands. The acquisition was completed later that year, making Tyson Foods the new owner of the Jimmy Dean brand.

Tyson Foods, with its vast resources and distribution network, has continued to build upon the success of the Jimmy Dean brand. They have expanded the product line to include a variety of breakfast foods such as frozen breakfast sandwiches, breakfast bowls, and even breakfast skillets.

As an expert, I can attest to the popularity and recognition of the Jimmy Dean brand in the market. Their products are often a go-to choice for consumers looking for convenient and tasty breakfast options. Personally, I have enjoyed their sausage patties and have found them to be flavorful and of high quality.

Tyson Foods is the current owner of the Jimmy Dean Sausage franchise. The brand has had an interesting journey, starting with its founder Jimmy Dean, then being acquired by Sara Lee, later becoming part of Hillshire Brands, and finally being owned by Tyson Foods. The brand’s success and popularity continue to thrive under Tyson Foods’ ownership.