Who makes Florida lager beer?

Answered by Edward Huber

Florida Beer Co. is the brewery that produces Florida Lager beer. As a relatively new brew, it has quickly gained popularity among beer enthusiasts. I had the opportunity to try this beer recently, and I must say, it was quite a delightful experience.

When I poured the Florida Lager into a glass, its coppery color caught my attention right away. It had a beautiful amber hue, which added to its visual appeal. The beer had a nice clarity to it, allowing me to appreciate its color even more.

But what truly stood out about this beer was its aroma. As soon as I brought the glass close to my nose, I was greeted with a wonderful and inviting scent. It was a combination of malty sweetness and hoppy notes. The aroma was so distinct and enticing that it immediately piqued my curiosity and anticipation for the taste.

Taking my first sip, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor profile of Florida Lager. It had a well-balanced taste, with a good blend of malty sweetness and hop bitterness. The malt provided a subtle caramel-like sweetness, while the hops added a pleasant bitterness that wasn’t overpowering. This balance made it very easy to drink and enjoy.

The mouthfeel of Florida Lager was smooth and medium-bodied. It had a moderate carbonation level, which added a pleasant effervescence to each sip. The beer felt refreshing on the palate, making it a great choice for a hot summer day or any occasion where you want a crisp and flavorful beer.

I appreciate that Florida Beer Co. has crafted a lager that is both approachable and enjoyable. It’s not overly complex or heavy, making it a great option for those who prefer a lighter beer without sacrificing flavor. Additionally, the fact that it is a local brew adds to its appeal, as I enjoy supporting local breweries and experiencing the unique flavors they have to offer.

Florida Beer Co. is the brewery behind the creation of Florida Lager beer. Their attention to detail in crafting this brew is evident in its aroma, flavor, and overall quality. If you have the chance, I highly recommend giving Florida Lager a try and experiencing the wonderful aromatics and taste that this relatively new brew has to offer.