Who left CBS 11 weather team?

Answered by Frank Schwing

In March 2022, it was announced that Blake Mathews would be leaving the CBS 11 KTVT weather team in Dallas-Fort Worth. According to his statement, he was initially hired as a fill-in meteorologist for a six-month period while other meteorologists were on maternity leave. However, his time with the station is set to come to an end on April 1st.

It is not uncommon for television stations to bring in temporary staff to cover for regular team members who may be away for various reasons. In this case, Blake Mathews was brought in to fill the gap left by the maternity leave of other meteorologists at CBS 11. This arrangement allowed for a seamless transition in providing weather forecasts and updates to viewers during the absence of the regular team members.

While the exact reasons for Mathews’ departure were not explicitly mentioned in the announcement, it is likely that his contract as a temporary fill-in meteorologist had a set end date. This is a common practice in the broadcasting industry, as stations often hire temporary staff to cover specific time periods or events. Once the designated period is over, the temporary staff members may move on to other opportunities or return to their previous roles.

It is worth noting that Blake Mathews’ time with CBS 11 KTVT was relatively short-lived, as he was only brought in as a fill-in meteorologist. This means that he may not have had the same level of long-term commitment or attachment to the station as permanent team members. Nevertheless, his contributions during his time at CBS 11 were valuable in ensuring that weather forecasts and updates continued to be provided to viewers in a timely and accurate manner.

As for the future of the CBS 11 weather team, it is unclear at this time whether the station will bring in another temporary meteorologist or if they have plans to permanently fill the position left by the departing team members. Stations often have contingency plans in place to ensure that weather coverage remains consistent, so it is likely that CBS 11 will make arrangements to ensure viewers continue to receive reliable weather information.

Blake Mathews will be leaving the CBS 11 KTVT weather team in April 2022 as his temporary fill-in role comes to an end. While the exact reasons for his departure were not specified, it is likely that it was a result of the conclusion of his contract as a temporary meteorologist covering for other team members on maternity leave. The departure of Mathews highlights the temporary nature of his position and the need for stations to bring in additional staff to cover for regular team members who may be away. The future of the CBS 11 weather team remains uncertain, but the station is expected to have plans in place to ensure continued weather coverage for viewers.