Who is Whitebeard to Luffy?

Answered by Jason Smith

Whitebeard, also known as Edward Newgate, is a highly respected and influential pirate in the One Piece world. As the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and one of the Four Emperors, Whitebeard holds immense power and commands the loyalty of a formidable crew. While Whitebeard may not have had a direct relationship with Luffy prior to the events at Marineford, he had certainly heard of him through his crewmate Ace.

Whitebeard’s connection to Luffy stems from his relationship with Ace, who is Luffy’s older brother. Ace, also known as Portgas D. Ace, was a prominent member of the Whitebeard Pirates and had a close bond with Whitebeard himself. It was Ace who informed Whitebeard about Luffy’s existence and their familial ties. This revelation came about when Ace received his first bounty, and Luffy’s name was mentioned as his brother.

Being a caring and protective older brother, Ace felt the need to inform Whitebeard about Luffy. This act showcased the strong bond between the brothers and their commitment to looking out for each other. This information about Luffy being Ace’s brother would have undoubtedly piqued Whitebeard’s interest, as he was known for valuing familial relationships and camaraderie within his crew.

Whitebeard, being the compassionate and wise leader that he was, would have understood the significance of Luffy’s connection to Ace. He would have recognized Luffy as a potential ally and someone who shared the same bloodline as his beloved crewmate. Whitebeard had a deep respect for family and would have wanted to protect and support Luffy, just as he did for Ace.

While Whitebeard may not have had personal interactions with Luffy before the events at Marineford, it is safe to say that he held a sense of admiration and concern for him. Whitebeard’s actions during the Marineford War further solidified his support for Luffy. He went to great lengths to aid Luffy in his quest to save Ace, even at the cost of his own life.

During the war, Whitebeard recognized Luffy’s determination and strength, acknowledging him as a worthy successor to the will of D. He entrusted Luffy with his mark of approval, the “Will of D.” symbol, which further emphasized the significance Whitebeard placed on Luffy’s potential and his connection to Ace.

Whitebeard is a significant figure in Luffy’s journey, primarily due to his connection to Ace. While Whitebeard had undoubtedly heard of Luffy well before the events at Marineford, it was during this time that he demonstrated his support and admiration for Luffy’s determination and familial ties. Whitebeard recognized Luffy as a potential ally and someone worthy of protecting, just as he did for Ace.