Who is the youngest in Luca?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The youngest character in the film Luca is Giulia, who is voiced by Emma Berman. Giulia is a vibrant and curious young girl who befriends the sea monsters, Luca and Alberto, during their adventures in the town of Portorosso. Despite her age, Giulia proves to be brave, resourceful, and full of enthusiasm.

Emma Berman, the talented young actress who brings Giulia to life, is only 12 years old. It’s quite impressive to see someone so young showcase their talent and voice a character in a Pixar film. Berman’s portrayal of Giulia is filled with energy and charm, capturing the character’s adventurous spirit and determination.

In terms of the voice actors for the sea monster protagonists, Jacob Tremblay, who voices Luca, is 14 years old, while Jack Dylan Grazer, who voices Alberto, is 17. Both Tremblay and Grazer deliver fantastic performances, bringing depth and emotion to their respective characters.

It’s fascinating to see such young actors take on these roles and deliver such captivating performances. Pixar has always been known for its attention to detail and the ability to bring characters to life, and the casting of these young actors only adds to the authenticity and relatability of the film.

While all the young actors involved in Luca bring their own unique talents to the table, Emma Berman, at just 12 years old, stands out as the youngest and newest addition to the big screen. Her portrayal of Giulia adds an extra layer of charm and innocence to the film, making it an enjoyable watch for audiences of all ages.