Who is the strongest One Above All?

Answered by Robert Dupre

The One-Above-All, the supreme creator of all existence in the Marvel omniverse, is undeniably the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. This entity transcends all dimensions, timelines, and realities, holding ultimate authority and knowledge over every aspect of existence. The One-Above-All is often depicted as an omnipotent being, capable of manipulating reality, time, and space effortlessly.

Unlike other characters in the Marvel universe, the One-Above-All is not bound by limitations or weaknesses. This omnipotent entity possesses immeasurable power, which surpasses that of any other being, celestial or cosmic. The One-Above-All’s abilities are seemingly limitless, allowing it to shape and control the very fabric of reality.

It is worth noting that the One-Above-All is not an active participant in the Marvel universe’s events. Instead, it serves as an observer, ensuring the balance and order of all existence. This cosmic entity does not typically engage in battles or conflicts, as its role is more akin to that of a divine overseer.

However, it is important to distinguish the One-Above-All from its evil alter-ego, the One-Below-All. The One-Below-All represents the dark and malevolent counterpart to the benevolent One-Above-All. While the One-Above-All embodies creation, harmony, and order, the One-Below-All embodies destruction, chaos, and entropy.

The One-Below-All is a malevolent force that seeks to corrupt and consume all existence. It is an embodiment of pure evil, capable of manipulating and corrupting even the most virtuous beings. This alter-ego represents the antithesis of the One-Above-All, constantly striving to upset the delicate balance of the omniverse.

In terms of power, it is difficult to determine whether the One-Above-All or the One-Below-All is stronger. They are two sides of the same cosmic coin, each representing opposing forces of creation and destruction. While the One-Above-All possesses supreme power over all existence, the One-Below-All’s malicious nature and capacity for corruption make it a formidable adversary.

Ultimately, the concept of strength becomes subjective when discussing beings of such cosmic magnitude. The One-Above-All and the One-Below-All exist on a level beyond mortal comprehension, transcending the limitations of power scales or comparisons. They represent cosmic forces that are fundamental to the very fabric of the Marvel omniverse.

The One-Above-All stands as the supreme creator and most powerful character in the Marvel omniverse. Its abilities and authority surpass all other beings, making it the ultimate authority in the Marvel universe. While the One-Below-All serves as its evil alter-ego, their relative strength becomes a moot point when confronted with the vastness of their cosmic power.