Who is the strongest girl in Class 1a?

Answered by Michael Wilson

In Class 1-A, there are several talented and strong girls who possess unique abilities and skills. While it’s challenging to determine the absolute strongest among them, I can provide a detailed analysis of each girl’s abilities and their potential impact in a combat situation.

Starting from the bottom, we have Toru Hagakure, whose Quirk, “Invisibility,” allows her to become completely invisible. Although this ability can be useful for stealth and surprise attacks, it does not provide her with any offensive or defensive capabilities. As a result, Toru might struggle in direct combat scenarios, placing her at the bottom of the list.

Next up is Kyoka Jiro, whose Quirk, “Earphone Jack,” allows her to plug her earlobes into various objects to amplify sounds or use them as a versatile weapon. While Kyoka’s ability grants her a unique advantage in gathering information and potentially disorienting opponents, it might not be as effective in direct confrontations. Therefore, she falls at the fifth position.

Moving on to Tsuyu Asui, also known as “Froppy,” her Quirk, “Frog,” grants her several frog-like abilities, including enhanced jumping, agility, and the ability to secrete a slimy substance. Tsuyu’s Quirk offers great mobility and versatility, making her a formidable opponent both in close-quarters combat and in traversing difficult terrain. However, her lack of offensive power places her at the fourth position.

In the middle, we have Mina Ashido, whose Quirk, “Acid,” allows her to secrete a corrosive acid from her body. Mina’s acid can corrode various substances, making her a potent offensive force. Additionally, her agility and flexibility give her an edge in combat situations. However, she still falls behind the top two due to their exceptional abilities.

Yaoyorozu Momo, with her Quirk, “Creation,” possesses an incredible talent for creating various objects from her exposed skin. This ability enables her to generate tools, weapons, and even complex devices to aid herself and her allies in combat. Yaoyorozu’s strategic thinking and resourcefulness give her a significant advantage, earning her the second position.

We have Ochaco Uraraka, whose Quirk, “Zero Gravity,” allows her to manipulate the gravity of objects she touches. This power gives Ochaco a tremendous advantage in both offense and defense. By removing the gravitational pull on objects, she can render them weightless and manipulate them at will. Ochaco’s ability to control the battlefield and incapacitate opponents makes her the strongest girl in Class 1-A, earning her the top position on this list.

It’s important to note that strength in a combat scenario is not solely determined by Quirks but also by strategy, experience, and teamwork. Each girl in Class 1-A possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, and their effectiveness in different situations can vary. Therefore, this ranking is subjective and may change depending on the specific circumstances they face.