Who is the second oldest Archon?

Answered by Willie Powers

The second oldest Archon among The Seven in the world of Genshin Impact is Barbatos, also known as Venti, the Anemo Archon who presides over the city-state of Mondstadt. While age is often associated with wisdom and power, it is important to remember that an Archon’s strength is not solely determined by their age, but rather by the level of control they exert over their respective region.

Barbatos, despite being one of the oldest Archons, is considered to be the weakest among them. This may come as a surprise to some, given his divine status and the reverence he receives from the citizens of Mondstadt. However, Barbatos intentionally refrains from directly governing Mondstadt, instead choosing to follow his ideal of Freedom.

This choice stems from Barbatos’ deep belief in the importance of individual freedom and the right for people to govern themselves. He sees himself as a guide and protector of Mondstadt, rather than a ruler who imposes his will upon its inhabitants. This unique approach sets Barbatos apart from the other Archons, who actively govern their regions with a more authoritative hand.

By relinquishing direct control, Barbatos allows the citizens of Mondstadt to make their own decisions and determine their own fate. This freedom of choice and self-governance is deeply ingrained in the fabric of Mondstadt’s society, and the people embrace it wholeheartedly. They thrive under the belief that they are the masters of their own destiny.

However, this emphasis on freedom and self-governance also means that Barbatos has limited control over the region. He cannot exert his will and influence over Mondstadt as directly as the other Archons can over their own regions. This lack of control is what ultimately makes Barbatos the weakest among The Seven.

In terms of raw power and the ability to shape and manipulate their respective regions, Archons like Zhongli, the Geo Archon, and Morax, have a greater level of control. Their authority allows them to shape the very foundations of their regions, molding the land and its resources to their will.

Barbatos’ power lies more in his ability to inspire and guide rather than to directly shape the physical world. He is a master of the wind and can manipulate Anemo, the element of wind, to aid him and his followers. Through his bardic abilities and enchanting music, he can bring joy and hope to the people of Mondstadt.

It is important to note that being the weakest among The Seven does not diminish Barbatos’ significance or the impact he has on the world of Teyvat. His dedication to freedom and his role as a guiding light for Mondstadt make him a beloved and respected figure. The citizens of Mondstadt revere him as their protector and look to him for inspiration and guidance.

The second oldest Archon in Genshin Impact is Barbatos, the Anemo Archon who governs Mondstadt. However, despite his age, he is considered the weakest among The Seven due to his choice to prioritize freedom and self-governance over direct control. This unique approach sets him apart from the other Archons, making his strength lie more in his ability to inspire and guide rather than to shape and manipulate his region.