Who is stronger wither or Ender Dragon?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

On the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the general consensus among players is that the wither is more challenging to defeat compared to the Ender dragon. There are a few key factors that contribute to this perception.

1. Health: The wither has twice the amount of health as the Ender dragon. While the Ender dragon has 200 health points, the wither boasts a whopping 300 health points. This means that players need to deal significantly more damage to bring down the wither, making the battle much more prolonged and intense.

2. Spawned mobs: Wither skeletons, a formidable enemy on their own, are also spawned during the wither fight. These mobs have a chance to drop wither skeleton skulls, which are essential in summoning the wither in the first place. Dealing with these additional hostile mobs while trying to defeat the wither adds an extra layer of difficulty to the encounter.

3. Charge attack: The wither possesses a charge attack, where it charges up and shoots explosive skulls at its enemies. These skulls can deal significant damage and can be challenging to dodge. The Ender dragon, on the other hand, primarily relies on swooping and biting attacks, which are more predictable and easier to avoid.

4. Environment: The wither fight often takes place in the Nether, a hostile dimension with dangerous terrain and hostile mobs. The challenging environment adds an extra element of difficulty to the battle, as players need to navigate through treacherous lava lakes and avoid other threats while battling the wither.

Personal experiences may vary, but many players find the wither fight to be more challenging and intense compared to the Ender dragon battle. The increased health, presence of wither skeletons, devastating charge attack, and hostile Nether environment all contribute to this perception. Defeating the wither requires careful preparation, powerful weapons, and strategic gameplay. It is an exhilarating and rewarding challenge for those seeking a tough boss battle in Minecraft.