Who is Sonos owned by?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Sonos, the company that specializes in wireless audio products, is primarily owned by institutional shareholders, insiders, and individual investors. As of the latest available data, institutional shareholders hold the largest stake in Sonos, accounting for approximately 90.53% of the ownership. On the other hand, insiders, such as executives and employees of Sonos, own around 24.68% of the company’s shares. Retail investors, or individual investors, do not currently hold any significant ownership stake in Sonos.

Among the institutional shareholders, the largest individual shareholder is Kkr Group Partnership LP. They own approximately 21.85 million shares, which represents about 17.17% of the company. Kkr Group Partnership LP is a well-known global investment firm that manages various investment funds. Their significant ownership stake in Sonos showcases their confidence in the company’s potential and prospects.

It’s worth noting that ownership stakes can change over time as shares are bought or sold by different investors. Therefore, the ownership percentages mentioned above are based on the latest available information and may not reflect the current ownership structure of Sonos.

Sonos ownership is primarily held by institutional shareholders, with Kkr Group Partnership LP being the largest individual shareholder.