Who is Lord chilled to Frieza?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Lord Chilled is a significant character in the Dragon Ball series, specifically in the “Episode of Bardock” storyline. He holds a pivotal role as Frieza’s ancestor and serves as a primary antagonist in this particular narrative. Throughout the episode, Lord Chilled’s character is explored, revealing his connection to Frieza and shedding light on his ruthless nature.

Lord Chilled is a space pirate who commands a fleet of soldiers and travels across the galaxy, conquering planets and enslaving their inhabitants. He is depicted as a tyrannical and power-hungry individual, with a strong desire to dominate and control everything in his path. This thirst for power is a trait that he shares with his descendant, Frieza, who becomes one of the most notorious villains in the Dragon Ball series.

In terms of their relationship, Lord Chilled is Frieza’s ancestor, which means he is a predecessor to the infamous tyrant. It is through Lord Chilled’s actions and influence that Frieza’s own path of destruction and cruelty is set in motion. Lord Chilled’s ruthless nature, his thirst for power, and his oppressive rule over planets directly shape Frieza’s upbringing and mentality.

Lord Chilled’s impact on Frieza can be seen in various aspects of the latter’s character. Both share a similar appearance, with pale skin, a sleek and slender physique, and a menacing presence. Additionally, their arrogance and a sense of superiority are evident in their interactions with others.

While Lord Chilled’s role in the Dragon Ball series is relatively brief, his significance lies in establishing the lineage and influence that shapes Frieza’s character. The episode delves into the origins of Frieza’s villainy, showcasing how his ancestor’s actions lay the foundation for his own path of destruction.

It is worth noting that Lord Chilled’s portrayal differs slightly between the original Japanese version and the English dub. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Ryūsei Nakao, who also voices Frieza. This adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship, as the same actor gives voice to both characters, further emphasizing their connection.

In the English dub, Lord Chilled is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz. Horvitz brings a unique energy to the character, capturing the essence of his power-hungry and ruthless nature. His performance adds depth to Lord Chilled’s portrayal, making him a memorable antagonist in the Dragon Ball universe.

Lord Chilled serves as an important figure in the Dragon Ball series, specifically in relation to Frieza. As Frieza’s ancestor, he plays a significant role in shaping Frieza’s character and setting him on the path of destruction. Despite his relatively short appearance, Lord Chilled’s impact is felt throughout the Dragon Ball narrative, solidifying his place as a crucial antagonist in the series.