Who is Gallys boss in The Death Cure?

Answered by James Kissner

In the film “The Death Cure,” Lawrence takes on the role of overseeing a Crank army and has authority over anything related to the Last City. He becomes the boss of Gally and other individuals under his command. Lawrence’s character is a significant presence in the film, and his relationship with Gally is particularly noteworthy.

Lawrence is portrayed as a strong and authoritative figure, responsible for leading the Crank army and maintaining order within the Last City. His role involves making important decisions, strategizing, and ensuring the survival of his group. He is depicted as someone who commands respect and has the ability to maintain control in a chaotic environment.

One of Lawrence’s notable accomplishments is rescuing Gally and nursing him back to health. Gally, who was previously a prominent antagonist in the series, becomes indebted to Lawrence for saving his life. This creates a unique dynamic between the two characters, as Gally now serves under Lawrence’s leadership.

Gally, having undergone a transformation after his rescue, becomes a loyal follower of Lawrence. He recognizes Lawrence’s authority and looks up to him for guidance. Gally’s loyalty is a testament to Lawrence’s leadership skills and the trust he inspires in those under his command.

Lawrence’s role as Gally’s boss is significant in the context of the film. It showcases Lawrence’s ability to not only lead his army but also to rehabilitate individuals who were once his enemies. This dynamic adds depth to the storyline and highlights the complexities of relationships in a post-apocalyptic world.

Lawrence is Gally’s boss in “The Death Cure.” He is in charge of a Crank army and oversees all matters concerning the Last City. Lawrence’s leadership, rescue of Gally, and subsequent role as his boss are central to the film’s plot and contribute to the development of the characters and their relationships.