Pretty Little Liars Unmasks A.D.’s True Identity

In the thrilling and suspenseful TV series Pretty Little Liars, the mysterious and elusive character known as A.D., short for “A.D.” or “Uber A,” has captivated viewers for years. Throughout the show’s run, A.D.’s identity remained a closely guarded secret, leaving fans guessing and theorizing about who could possibly be behind the torment inflicted upon the main characters, the Liars.

It wasn’t until the series finale, titled “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” that the true identity of A.D. was finally revealed. In a shocking twist, it was unveiled that A.D. is none other than Alex Drake, the identical twin sister of one of the show’s main characters, Spencer Hastings.

Alex Drake’s introduction into the story brought a whole new level of complexity and intrigue to the narrative. As viewers learned, Alex was adopted by a wealthy British family as a child, but was later abandoned, leading her to endure a tumultuous life bouncing between foster homes and orphanages. The stark contrast between Alex’s upbringing and her twin sister Spencer’s privileged life served as a driving force behind her desire for revenge and the creation of the A.D. persona.

Motivated by a deep-rooted sense of injustice, Alex believed that the Liars were responsible for the murder of her half-sister Charlotte, also known as A or Big A. This belief fueled her determination to make them pay for their alleged crimes and seek justice for her family.

Throughout the show’s final episodes, Alex’s elaborate and manipulative schemes were unraveled, showcasing her intelligence and cunning nature. She crafted an intricate plan to take over Spencer’s life, assuming her identity and infiltrating the Liars’ inner circle. Alex’s ultimate goal was to tear apart the lives of those she believed had wronged her and her family.

The revelation of Alex Drake as A.D. was met with a mix of shock, excitement, and satisfaction by fans of Pretty Little Liars. The character’s intricate backstory and relentless pursuit of justice added a new layer of depth to the show’s narrative, highlighting themes of family, identity, and the lengths some will go to protect their loved ones.

The identity of A.D. in Pretty Little Liars was revealed to be Alex Drake, the long-lost twin sister of Spencer Hastings. Alex’s complex motivations and relentless quest for justice made her a formidable antagonist throughout the series, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Who Is Ad In Pretty Little Liars And Why?

In the television series Pretty Little Liars, the character known as “A.D.” is revealed to be Alex Drake. Alex is introduced as the identical twin sister of one of the main characters, Spencer Hastings. Alex’s identity as A.D. had been kept anonymous until the series finale.

Alex’s backstory involves being adopted by a wealthy British family during her childhood. However, this family later abandoned her, leading Alex to experience a tumultuous upbringing in various foster homes and orphanages. These experiences shaped her character and ultimately drove her to seek revenge on those she believed had wronged her.

As A.D., Alex orchestrates a series of manipulative and sinister actions against the main characters, who are known as the “Pretty Little Liars.” Her motives stem from a desire to avenge the perceived injustices she suffered.

Throughout the series, A.D. plays mind games with the Liars, using their deepest secrets and fears against them. She employs various tactics to control and torment them, including sending threatening messages, kidnapping, and even attempting to murder some of the girls.

Alex’s ultimate goal is to take over Spencer’s life, as she harbors deep-seated envy and resentment towards her twin sister. She goes to great lengths to impersonate Spencer, even undergoing plastic surgery to look more like her.

In the series finale, the Liars discover Alex’s true identity and confront her. Ultimately, they manage to outsmart her and bring her reign of terror to an end.

A.D. in Pretty Little Liars is revealed to be Alex Drake, the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings. Alex’s troubled past and feelings of abandonment fueled her desire for revenge, leading her to become A.D. and torment the Liars. However, her plans are eventually foiled by the Liars, bringing closure to the series.

who is ad in pretty little liars

Why Did Alex Become Ad?

Alex Drake became A.D. (Uber A) for multiple reasons. One of the main motivations was her desire to avenge the murder of her sister, Charlotte DiLaurentis. Alex believed that the Liars, the group of friends including Alison DiLaurentis, knew who was responsible for Charlotte’s death. This belief pushed her to seek revenge and bring justice to her sister’s killer.

Another significant factor in Alex’s transformation into A.D. was her deep-seated jealousy towards her twin sister, Spencer Hastings. While Spencer grew up in a privileged and loving family, Alex was abandoned by their wealthy British family. This sense of abandonment and the stark contrast in their lives fueled Alex’s resentment towards Spencer and her desire to take over her sister’s life.

To achieve her goals, Alex used her intelligence and resources to manipulate and torment the Liars. She became Uber A, the mastermind behind a series of sinister games and manipulations designed to expose the truth about Charlotte’s murder and make the Liars suffer. Alex’s actions were driven by a combination of revenge, jealousy, and her desperate need for validation and a sense of belonging.

Alex Drake became A.D. to avenge her sister’s murder and to take over the life she believed was rightfully hers. Her jealousy towards her twin sister, Spencer, and her feelings of abandonment fueled her determination to become the infamous Uber A and make the Liars pay for their perceived involvement in Charlotte’s death.

Who Is The Real Ad In PLL?

In the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, it is revealed that A.D. is Alex Drake, who happens to be Spencer’s British twin sister. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the already intricate storyline. Here are some key details about A.D. and her identity:

1. Alex Drake: A.D. is actually the nickname for Alex Drake, who is portrayed by the same actress who plays Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario). Alex is Spencer’s identical twin sister, but with a British accent.

2. Twin Switch: Alex Drake was given up for adoption at birth and grew up in England, completely unaware of her true identity. She eventually discovered her connection to the Hastings family and developed a deep resentment towards Spencer and the Liars for the life she felt robbed of.

3. A.D.’s Motives: Throughout the series, A.D. tormented the Liars, seeking revenge for the wrongs she believed were done to her. Alex felt overshadowed by Spencer and wanted to prove that she was just as capable and deserving of a good life.

4. A Complex Plan: Alex takes on the persona of A.D. and orchestrates an elaborate plan to torment the girls, using various tactics and manipulating several other characters along the way. She goes to great lengths to keep her true identity hidden from everyone.

5. Mona’s Involvement: In a surprising twist, it is revealed that Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) had been working with Alex Drake all along. Mona’s involvement with A.D. adds another layer of deception and underscores her complex character.

The revelation that Alex Drake is A.D. in Pretty Little Liars adds a shocking twist to the series finale. This unexpected reveal highlights the lengths some characters will go to seek revenge and serves as a satisfying conclusion to the long-standing mystery of A.D.’s true identity.

What Episode Do The Liars Find Out Who Ad Is?

The Liars find out who “A.D.” is in the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, which is titled “‘Til Death Do Us Part.” In this episode, the true identity of “A.D.” is revealed to be Alex Drake.


The character of Alex Drake, also known as A.D. or “Ad” in Pretty Little Liars, is a central figure in the series finale. Introduced as Spencer Hastings’ identical twin sister, Alex is revealed to be the mastermind behind the A game. Her motives stem from a deep-seated desire for revenge and a yearning for the life that her twin sister was able to have. Abandoned by a wealthy British family, Alex’s upbringing was fraught with instability, which ultimately fueled her need for control and manipulation.

As A.D., Alex sought to avenge the death of her half-sister Charlotte, whom she believed was murdered by the Liars. Her relentless pursuit of the truth and her desire to make the Liars pay for their perceived involvement led her to adopt the persona of A.D. Throughout the series, she orchestrated a series of meticulously planned schemes, torturing the Liars and those close to them.

The revelation of Alex as A.D. adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the story, showcasing the lengths some individuals will go to seek justice or revenge. It also highlights the importance of family dynamics and the impact they can have on an individual’s psyche.

Alex Drake’s character serves as a captivating and unexpected twist in the Pretty Little Liars series finale, leaving viewers shocked and enthralled by her motives and actions as A.D.

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