Who has the most at bats in MLB history?

Answered by John Hunt

In my opinion, the player with the most at bats in MLB history is Pete Rose. He played for a total of 24 seasons and had an incredible 14,053 at bats. This record is a testament to his longevity and consistency as a player.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there are other players who also have impressive numbers in terms of at bats. Henry Aaron, known as “Hammerin’ Hank,” played for 23 seasons and had 12,364 at bats. Carl Yastrzemski, a legendary Red Sox player, also had an impressive career with 11,988 at bats over 23 seasons.

Another notable player on the list is Cal Ripken Jr., who played for 21 seasons and had 11,551 at bats. Ripken is well-known for his consecutive games played streak, but his high number of at bats also speaks to his durability and consistency as a player.

Looking at these numbers, it’s clear that Rose stands out as the leader in at bats. His ability to consistently put himself in the lineup and contribute to his team’s success is truly remarkable. It’s no wonder he is often referred to as one of the greatest hitters in baseball history.

Pete Rose holds the record for the most at bats in MLB history with 14,053. His longevity and consistency as a player set him apart from other players in the league.