Who does shoyo hinata marry Haikyuu?

Answered by James Kissner

Shoyo Hinata, the protagonist of the popular sports anime and manga series Haikyuu!!, does not marry anyone within the main storyline of the series. As of the current story arc, Hinata is still a high school student and is primarily focused on his volleyball career and his goal of becoming the best player he can be.

However, it is worth noting that Haikyuu!! does have a time skip at the end of the series, where it shows glimpses of the characters’ lives in the future. In these glimpses, it is hinted that Hinata may have a romantic partner, but the identity of this person is not revealed. This leaves the question of who Hinata marries open-ended and up to interpretation.

In the world of fan fiction and fan art, there are various interpretations and pairings for Hinata’s romantic future. Some fans ship him with his teammate and best friend, Tobio Kageyama, while others pair him with other characters from the series or create original characters for him to be with.

It’s important to remember that the creators of Haikyuu!! have not officially addressed Hinata’s romantic future, and any speculation or interpretation is purely based on fan imagination and creativity.

Ultimately, the question of who Hinata marries is left unanswered in the canon of Haikyuu!!, and fans are free to imagine and explore their own ideas and scenarios.