Who does D.C. Young Fly work for?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

D.C. Young Fly is a talented comedian, actor, and host who has worked for various platforms and shows throughout his career. One of his notable roles is as a recurring cast member on the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out, which airs on MTV, VH1, and MTV2. Wild ‘N Out is a popular show where comedians participate in comedic battles and improvisational games.

In addition to his work on Wild ‘N Out, D.C. Young Fly was also one of the main hosts for the revival of TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV from 2017 to 2018. TRL is a music video countdown show that features celebrity interviews, live performances, and discussions about pop culture. D.C. Young Fly’s vibrant personality and comedic talents made him a great fit for the show, and he brought his unique energy to the TRL reboot.

Aside from his television appearances, D.C. Young Fly is also known for his work on the podcast “85 South Show.” This podcast features D.C. Young Fly along with his fellow Wild ‘N Out cast members Chico Bean and Karlous Miller. The 85 South Show is a hilarious and unfiltered podcast where the trio discusses a wide range of topics, shares personal stories, and engages in comedic banter. The podcast has gained a large following and has further showcased D.C. Young Fly’s comedic abilities.

D.C. Young Fly has worked for MTV, VH1, and MTV2 through his involvement with Wild ‘N Out and TRL. He has also made a name for himself through his podcast, the 85 South Show, which has allowed him to connect with fans on a more personal level. D.C. Young Fly’s comedic talents and charismatic presence have made him a sought-after entertainer in the industry.