Who does Clarke end up with?

Answered by Robert Flynn

As a fan of The 100, I must say that I was quite surprised by the lack of a romantic conclusion for Clarke Griffin in the series finale. Throughout the show’s run, there were several potential love interests for Clarke, which is not uncommon for CW series. However, the writers made a conscious decision to focus more on Clarke’s growth as a leader and her relationships with her friends and chosen family rather than her romantic entanglements.

In the earlier seasons, Clarke had a complicated relationship with Finn Collins, but unfortunately, that came to an end when he tragically died. After that, there were hints of a potential romantic connection between Clarke and Bellamy Blake, her co-leader and closest friend. Their bond was undeniably strong, and many fans, myself included, were hoping to see their relationship evolve into something more. However, the show chose to keep their dynamic platonic until the very end.

In the final season, there were some moments that hinted at a possible romance between Clarke and another character named Gabriel Santiago. They shared a few intimate scenes and had a deep emotional connection, but it was not explicitly portrayed as a romantic relationship. Instead, their bond was more focused on mutual understanding and support rather than romantic love.

The decision to not give Clarke a romantic partner in the end can be seen as a departure from the CW’s usual formula of concluding series with a romantic resolution. However, it also aligns with the show’s theme of survival, sacrifice, and the importance of chosen family. Clarke’s journey was never solely about finding love; it was about her growth as a leader and her commitment to protecting her people.

While some fans may have been disappointed by the lack of a romantic conclusion for Clarke, I believe it was a bold and refreshing move by the writers. It allowed Clarke’s character to stand on her own, independent of a romantic relationship, and emphasized the importance of other types of love and connections in her life.

In my personal opinion, it was a fitting ending for Clarke’s character arc. She had already experienced heartbreak and loss throughout the series, and her ultimate focus was always on the well-being and survival of her people. Romantic love, while significant, was not the driving force behind Clarke’s actions and decisions.

The decision to not give Clarke a romantic partner in the end of The 100 was a departure from the network’s usual approach but aligned with the show’s themes and the strength of Clarke’s character. While it may have left some fans longing for a romantic conclusion, it ultimately allowed Clarke’s growth and relationships to take center stage, highlighting the importance of chosen family and self-discovery.