Who defeated Apollo Creed?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Rocky Balboa defeated Apollo Creed in their first match, but it was Ivan Drago who ultimately killed Creed in their second fight. While Drago physically delivered the fatal blow, it is important to acknowledge that Rocky could have stopped the tragedy from occurring at various points throughout the story.

1. Accepting the rematch: Rocky’s decision to accept a rematch against Drago in the first place put Creed in harm’s way. Despite knowing the immense danger Drago posed, Rocky agreed to fight him in Moscow. If Rocky had chosen not to accept the fight, Creed would not have been put at risk.

2. Providing inadequate support: Before the match, Creed approached Rocky seeking advice and guidance. However, Rocky failed to fully acknowledge the severity of the situation and provide Creed with the necessary support. Rocky’s lack of intervention in Creed’s decision to fight Drago without proper training and preparation ultimately contributed to his demise.

3. Ignoring warning signs: Throughout the fight, it became increasingly evident that Creed was outmatched and in serious danger. Rocky witnessed Creed taking brutal hits from Drago, but he failed to step in and stop the fight. Instead, he allowed it to continue, leading to the fatal blow that ultimately killed Creed.

4. Emotional attachment: Rocky’s emotional attachment to Creed played a significant role in his failure to prevent his death. Rocky’s desire to avenge Creed and prove himself against Drago clouded his judgment and prevented him from prioritizing Creed’s safety over his own personal agenda.

In reflecting on the situation, it is clear that while Drago physically killed Creed, Rocky had numerous opportunities to intervene and prevent the tragedy from occurring. His choices, actions, and lack of intervention all contributed to the outcome. It is a tragic reminder that sometimes our own personal desires and attachments can blind us to the potential dangers others may face.