Which safari is best in March?

Answered by Jason Smith

In March, the best safari option in Tanzania is the Northern Circuit. This circuit includes some of the most iconic and popular national parks in the country, offering incredible wildlife sightings and stunning landscapes. One of the main highlights of visiting the Northern Circuit in March is the opportunity to witness the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

The Serengeti National Park is undoubtedly the star of the show during this time of year. The migration is in full swing as hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and other herbivores make their way northwards in search of greener pastures. The vast open plains of the Serengeti provide the perfect backdrop for this spectacle, and it truly is a sight to behold.

But it’s not just the migration that makes the Serengeti an excellent choice in March. The concentration of predators in the area is astonishing. The open plains make it easier for cheetahs, lions, and other big cats to spot their prey, resulting in some incredible predator-prey interactions. The chances of witnessing a hunt or a kill are much higher during this time, making it an exciting and thrilling experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

Aside from the Serengeti, the Northern Circuit also includes other fantastic national parks such as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Tarangire National Park. In Ngorongoro, you can explore the stunning Ngorongoro Crater, which is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the Big Five. The crater offers a unique and picturesque setting for game drives, with its lush vegetation and abundant water sources.

Tarangire National Park is known for its large population of elephants and its beautiful baobab trees. In March, the park is still relatively green, and the wildlife is abundant. It’s a great place to spot elephants, as well as lions, giraffes, and a variety of bird species. The park is less crowded compared to the Serengeti, allowing for a more intimate and peaceful safari experience.

The Northern Circuit in Tanzania is a fantastic choice for a safari in March. The combination of the Serengeti’s wildebeest migration, the incredible predator sightings, and the unique landscapes of Ngorongoro and Tarangire make it a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a nature lover, or a photography enthusiast, this circuit will not disappoint.