Which is better Hoopa or Hoopa unbound?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Hoopa Unbound is definitely an improvement over its Confined form in Pokemon Go. With a substantial increase in Attack, a higher max CP, and a slight increase in Defense, Hoopa Unbound becomes a much stronger and more formidable Pokemon. However, it is important to note that its low Stamina remains unchanged.

Let’s dive into the specifics. Hoopa Unbound’s Attack stat jumps from 261 to 311, which is a significant increase. This boost in Attack allows Hoopa Unbound to deal more damage with its moves and makes it a potent offensive force in battles. With its increased Attack stat, Hoopa Unbound can take down opponents more efficiently and quickly.

Furthermore, Hoopa Unbound’s max CP rises from 3793 to 4530, making it one of the highest CP Pokemon available. This increase in max CP signifies that Hoopa Unbound has a higher overall potential and can reach a higher level of power compared to its Confined form. Higher CP allows Hoopa Unbound to have an advantage in gym battles, raids, and other competitive battles.

In terms of Defense, Hoopa Unbound experiences a minor increase from 187 to 191. While this improvement may not be as significant as its Attack increase, every bit of additional Defense can help mitigate incoming damage during battles. It allows Hoopa Unbound to withstand attacks better and potentially last longer in battles.

However, it is worth mentioning that Hoopa Unbound’s Stamina stat remains the same as its Confined form. This means that it still has a relatively low HP pool and may struggle to sustain itself in battles. Hoopa Unbound’s low Stamina makes it vulnerable to being quickly defeated by opponents with strong attacks, especially if they exploit its weakness to certain types.

Hoopa Unbound is undeniably an improvement over Hoopa Confined in Pokemon Go. Its increased Attack, higher max CP, and slightly improved Defense make it a formidable offensive Pokemon. However, its low Stamina remains a drawback, as it can be easily overwhelmed by opponents with powerful attacks. Nevertheless, with the right strategy and movesets, Hoopa Unbound can be a valuable asset in battles.