Which iPads take sim cards?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

When it comes to iPads, there are several models that support the use of SIM cards. These include the iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air (all models), and iPad mini (all models). Let’s dive into each of these models and explore their SIM card capabilities.

1. iPad (5th generation and later): The 5th generation iPad and its successors have a SIM card slot that allows you to insert a Nano-SIM card. This enables you to connect to cellular networks and access the internet on the go. The SIM card slot is typically located on the right side of the device when held in portrait orientation.

2. iPad Pro (all models): All iPad Pro models, including the 12.9-inch, 11-inch, and 10.5-inch variants, offer SIM card support. These iPads use a Nano-SIM card or an embedded Apple SIM card, depending on the specific model. The Apple SIM card allows you to select and activate cellular data plans from various carriers directly on your iPad, providing flexibility and convenience.

3. iPad Air (all models): The iPad Air series, which includes the latest iPad Air 4th generation, also supports the use of SIM cards. Like the iPad Pro, it utilizes either a Nano-SIM card or an embedded Apple SIM card. This means you can choose to use a physical SIM card or go for the convenience of the Apple SIM card, depending on your preference.

4. iPad mini (all models): Similar to the other iPad models mentioned above, the iPad mini series supports SIM cards. Whether you own the latest iPad mini 5th generation or an earlier model, you’ll find a SIM card slot that accommodates a Nano-SIM card or an embedded Apple SIM card.

It’s worth noting that while these iPads support SIM card usage, some models may offer additional connectivity options such as eSIM (embedded SIM) support. With eSIM, you can activate cellular data plans without the need for a physical SIM card, as the SIM card information is embedded within the device itself. This feature provides even more flexibility in choosing and managing your cellular data plans.

If you’re looking for an iPad that supports SIM cards, you have a range of options to choose from. Whether it’s the iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini, these devices offer SIM card slots or embedded SIM capabilities, allowing you to stay connected on the go. Remember to check the specific model’s specifications and consult with your carrier to ensure compatibility and activation procedures.