Which god controls Mars?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

The deity that controls the planet Mars is known as Mangala in Hinduism. Mangala is one of the grahas (planets) and is also considered a deva (god) in Hindu mythology. In Hindu astrology, the position and influence of Mars in a person’s birth chart are believed to have significant effects on various aspects of their life.

Mangala is associated with courage, energy, strength, and ambition. It is believed to govern attributes such as assertiveness, determination, and the ability to take action. Mars is considered a masculine planet and is often associated with the qualities of a warrior. It is said to provide the drive and determination necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

In Hindu cosmology, Mangala is said to reside in the Mangala loka, which is the abode of this particular deity. The Mangala loka is believed to be a celestial realm associated with the planet Mars. However, it is important to note that these realms and abodes are symbolic representations and not physical locations.

Mangala is often depicted as a red-colored deity, symbolizing the planet Mars. In Hindu iconography, Mangala is portrayed with multiple arms, holding various weapons and riding a chariot pulled by eight fiery horses. This imagery signifies the power and fiery nature associated with Mars.

While Mangala is primarily associated with Mars, it is important to understand that Hindu mythology consists of a vast pantheon of gods and goddesses, each with their own domains and influences. The concept of grahas in Hindu astrology represents the celestial bodies and their influence on human lives. Mars, represented by Mangala, is just one piece of this intricate cosmic puzzle.

It is worth mentioning that the influence of Mars, as represented by Mangala, is not limited to Hinduism alone. Many other cultures and belief systems also associate Mars with similar qualities such as power, energy, and assertiveness. The symbolism and interpretation of Mars may vary across different mythologies, but its role as a significant celestial body in our solar system remains consistent.

Mangala is the god that controls Mars in Hindu mythology. It is associated with attributes like courage, energy, and ambition. Mangala is believed to reside in the Mangala loka, representing the abode of this deity. However, it is important to approach these concepts with an understanding of their symbolic nature and the diverse interpretations across different cultures and belief systems.