Which Chimera Ant is Gyro?

Answered by Willie Powers

Gyro is a character introduced in the Chimera Ant arc of the anime and manga series, Hunter x Hunter. He was originally a human who became a chimera ant after being consumed by the Queen’s egg. While his transformation into a chimera ant changed his physical appearance, his memories and personality remained intact.

Gyro’s character arc is an interesting and complex one. He starts off as a young boy named Rammot, who was taken in by the Queen and raised as a chimera ant. However, as he grew older and gained more intelligence, he started to question his purpose and identity. He realized that he was once a human and had a life before becoming a chimera ant.

It is revealed that Gyro was once a street urchin living in the slums of NGL (Neo-Green Life), a lawless nation that borders the Republic of East Gorteau. He was exposed to violence, poverty, and despair from a young age, which shaped his worldview and ambitions. Gyro’s ultimate goal was to create a kingdom where the weak would not suffer and where people could find happiness.

After his transformation into a chimera ant, Gyro’s memories and desire for a better world remained. However, he also gained the ability to manipulate the emotions and desires of others, as well as the power to create a drug called “D2” that could control and enslave people. Gyro used these abilities to build an army of followers and establish a drug empire in the Republic of East Gorteau.

Despite his newfound power and influence, Gyro’s ultimate goal was not to rule over others, but to create a society where everyone could find happiness and escape from the suffering he experienced in his own life. He believed that by giving people the drug D2, he could free them from their pain and create a utopia.

Welfin, a chimera ant who stayed loyal to Gyro throughout his transformation, provides some insight into Gyro’s whereabouts after the Chimera Ant arc. In a conversation with Meruem’s sibling, Ikalgo, Welfin reveals that Gyro had left the Republic of East Gorteau and was heading towards NGL, the nation where he was originally from.

Although the exact destination of Gyro is not explicitly stated, it can be inferred from Welfin’s dialogue that Gyro was likely returning to NGL to confront his past and potentially bring about the change he desired. It is possible that Gyro intended to overthrow the corrupt regime in NGL and establish his own kingdom based on his ideals of equality and happiness.

Gyro is a complex character in the Hunter x Hunter series who went through a transformation from a human street urchin to a chimera ant with the ambition to create a better world. While his ultimate destination after the Chimera Ant arc is not explicitly stated, it can be inferred that Gyro was heading towards NGL, his place of origin, to confront his past and potentially bring about the change he desired.