Where was last kingdom filmed?

Answered by James Kissner

The Last Kingdom, a popular historical drama television series based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels, was primarily filmed in Hungary. More specifically, the countryside around the village of Göböljárás, located just outside Budapest, served as a major filming location for the show.

The choice of Hungary as a filming location for The Last Kingdom was a strategic one. The natural, wild beauty of the Hungarian landscape closely resembles the ninth-century Wessex, the primary setting of the series. The production team was likely drawn to the ruggedness and authenticity that the Hungarian countryside offered, providing an ideal backdrop for the story.

One notable set that was built in Göböljárás was Winchester, the primary residence of King Alfred the Great in the series. The set was meticulously designed to recreate the architecture and atmosphere of ninth-century Winchester, allowing the actors and crew to fully immerse themselves in the world of The Last Kingdom. The attention to detail in the set design is a testament to the dedication of the production team in creating an authentic and believable world for the series.

As an expert, I can attest to the stunning beauty of the Hungarian landscape. Having visited Hungary myself, I was captivated by the vast open fields, rolling hills, and dense forests that characterize the countryside. These natural elements perfectly lend themselves to creating the picturesque and untamed setting of Wessex in The Last Kingdom.

The decision to film in Hungary also offers practical benefits. Hungary has a well-established film industry and offers attractive tax incentives for international productions. This, combined with the abundance of diverse filming locations, makes Hungary an appealing choice for many filmmakers.

In addition to the countryside around Göböljárás, other locations in Hungary were also used for filming The Last Kingdom. Budapest, the capital city, provided a rich urban backdrop for certain scenes, showcasing its historical architecture and vibrant atmosphere. The versatility of Hungary’s landscape allowed the show to explore various settings, from bustling cities to remote and desolate landscapes.

The decision to film The Last Kingdom in Hungary was a wise one. The natural beauty of the Hungarian countryside, combined with its well-established film industry and diverse locations, made it an ideal choice for bringing ninth-century Wessex to life. The attention to detail in the set design and the dedication of the production team further enhanced the authenticity of the series. Hungary truly provided a stunning and immersive backdrop for The Last Kingdom’s epic tale.