“Blended” Blends South Africa and Georgia Seamlessly

The romantic comedy “Blended,” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, was filmed in two distinct locations: South Africa and Georgia. The filming took place during the months of June and July in 2013.

One of the primary filming locations for “Blended” was the Lost City at Sun City in South Africa. This stunning resort provided the backdrop for various scenes in the movie. The resort’s animal park, with its diverse wildlife, was featured prominently in the film. The filmmakers used movie magic to make it appear as though the characters were riding ostriches, but in reality, they were riding different animals altogether. The scenes shot in the animal park give viewers a taste of the African jungle and add a unique element to the film.

Within the Lost City at Sun City, the Palace of the Lost City hotel played a significant role in the movie. The opulent and grand architecture of the hotel served as a stunning setting for several scenes. From the hotel’s pool terrace to the Crystal Court restaurant, the filmmakers took advantage of the luxurious surroundings to create an immersive experience for the audience.

In addition to South Africa, some scenes from “Blended” were also filmed in Georgia. The filmmakers transformed North Georgia into an African jungle, using their creativity and visual effects to transport viewers to a different continent. While the specific locations in Georgia were not mentioned, the production team successfully recreated the African landscape and blended it seamlessly with the South African footage.

As for the cast, teen actress Bella Thorne, known for her role in the hit Disney Channel series “Shake It Up,” joined the star-studded ensemble. In “Blended,” Thorne portrays the eldest daughter of Adam Sandler’s character, adding a youthful and vibrant energy to the film.

“Blended” is a delightful romantic comedy that takes viewers on a journey from South Africa’s Lost City at Sun City to the picturesque landscapes of Georgia. The film’s unique blend of humor, romance, and beautiful locations makes it a must-watch for fans of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Is The Resort In Blended A Real Place?

The resort featured in the movie Blended, where Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s latest romantic comedy was filmed, is a real place. The resort is called the Lost City at Sun City and is located in South Africa. The filming took place during June and July of 2013.

Here are some specific locations within the resort where scenes were shot:

1. Animal Park: Some scenes were filmed in the resort’s animal park. This would have provided a picturesque backdrop for certain moments in the movie.

2. Palace of the Lost City hotel: The movie also features scenes that were shot within the Palace of the Lost City hotel. This luxurious hotel would have provided a grand setting for the characters’ interactions and romantic moments.

3. Pool Terrace: Another location within the resort where scenes were filmed is the hotel’s pool terrace. This area may have been used for outdoor scenes and perhaps even for some comedic or lighthearted moments in the movie.

4. Crystal Court restaurant: One of the dining establishments within the resort, the Crystal Court restaurant, was also used as a filming location. This elegant setting might have been chosen for more formal or intimate scenes in the movie.

The Lost City at Sun City in South Africa served as the backdrop for the fictional resort in the movie Blended. The resort’s various locations, such as the animal park, the Palace of the Lost City hotel, the pool terrace, and the Crystal Court restaurant, added to the visual appeal and ambiance of the film.

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Was Blended Filmed In Georgia?

The film “Blended” was partially filmed in Georgia. The production team chose various locations in the state to stand in for the African jungle. Specifically, they filmed scenes in the North Georgia mountains to recreate the lush and tropical environment of Africa.

Here are some key details about the filming locations:

1. South Africa: The majority of the movie was filmed on location in South Africa. The beautiful landscape and wildlife of the African country provided an authentic backdrop for the story.

2. Georgia: In order to save on production costs and logistics, the filmmakers decided to shoot certain scenes in Georgia that could pass for the African jungle. They found areas in the North Georgia mountains that resembled the lush, green environment they were looking for.

3. Transformation of Georgia into the African Jungle: The production team used various techniques to transform the Georgia locations into the African jungle. This included set design, extensive use of green screens, and post-production editing to enhance the visuals and create a seamless integration with the South African footage.

While the majority of “Blended” was filmed in South Africa, Georgia was chosen as a filming location to recreate the African jungle setting. The team successfully transformed the North Georgia mountains into a convincing backdrop for the movie.

Is Adam Sandler’s Daughter In Blended?

Adam Sandler’s character in the movie “Blended” has a daughter, and she is played by teen actress Bella Thorne. Bella Thorne is best known for her role in the popular Disney Channel original series “Shake It Up.” In “Blended,” she portrays the eldest daughter of Adam Sandler’s character. The film is a comedy produced by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Did They Really Ride Ostriches In Blended?

They did not actually ride ostriches in the movie Blended. Instead, movie magic was used to create the illusion that the characters were riding ostriches. The filmmakers employed a variety of techniques to achieve this effect. Here is a detailed explanation of how they filmed the scene:

1. Stunt doubles: Professional stunt performers were used to portray the characters riding the ostriches. These individuals have extensive experience in performing daring feats and were able to create the illusion of riding the animals convincingly.

2. Mechanical ostriches: To create the appearance of the characters interacting with real ostriches, the filmmakers used mechanical replicas of the birds. These animatronic models were designed to simulate the movements and behavior of ostriches, allowing the actors to interact with them realistically.

3. Green screen technology: The scenes featuring the actors riding the mechanical ostriches were shot against a green screen backdrop. This technique is commonly used in filmmaking to later replace the green background with different locations or special effects during the post-production process.

4. Harnesses and rigs: The actors were secured to harnesses and rigs that were hidden from view to give the impression that they were riding the ostriches. These safety measures ensured that the actors remained stable and protected during the filming process.

5. CGI enhancements: In some instances, computer-generated imagery (CGI) was utilized to enhance the scenes further. This technology allowed the filmmakers to add additional details or make adjustments to the ostriches’ appearance, movements, or surroundings as needed.

By combining these techniques, the filmmakers were able to create the illusion that the characters were riding ostriches in Blended. The use of stunt doubles, mechanical replicas, green screen technology, harnesses, rigs, and CGI enhancements all played a role in bringing this exciting and visually captivating scene to life on the big screen.


The romantic comedy “Blended” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore was primarily filmed in two locations: South Africa’s Lost City at Sun City and various parts of Georgia in the United States. The production team utilized the stunning landscapes and facilities of these locations to create the African jungle setting for the movie.

In South Africa, filming took place at the Lost City resort’s animal park, where scenes involving exotic animals were shot to enhance the authentic African atmosphere. Additionally, key scenes were filmed within the Palace of the Lost City hotel, showcasing its grandeur and luxury. The pool terrace and Crystal Court restaurant of the hotel were also utilized for specific scenes, adding to the visual appeal of the film.

To recreate the African jungle setting in Georgia, the production team employed movie magic and creative techniques. While the actors appear to be riding ostriches in certain scenes, they were actually riding something else, which is revealed in a featurette about the filming process. This behind-the-scenes look at the movie’s production showcases the use of special effects and clever editing to create the illusion of riding real animals.

The combination of South African and Georgian locations provided a diverse and captivating backdrop for “Blended.” The film transports viewers to the enchanting African jungle, all while showcasing the talents of its star-studded cast.

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