Where is the 4 digit code Raft?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The four-digit code for the safe containing the electrical wires needed for the bomb can be found in the room adjacent to the helipad. This room is typically used for storage and may not be immediately obvious as the location of the code. However, by carefully exploring the area, you will be able to locate the code and proceed with your mission.

When entering the room adjacent to the helipad, you may notice that it is dimly lit, with shelves lining the walls. The room may be cluttered with various objects and boxes, making it important to search thoroughly for any clues or hints that may lead you to the four-digit code.

Start by examining the walls and shelves, paying close attention to any papers, notes, or diagrams that may be affixed to them. These could provide valuable information regarding the code. Look for anything that stands out or seems out of place, as it may be a hidden clue.

While searching, it’s crucial to be patient and thorough. Sometimes the code may be hidden in plain sight, but easily overlooked if you are not observant enough. Keep your eyes peeled for any numbers, symbols, or patterns that might indicate the presence of a code.

Additionally, check the surroundings for any electronic devices or equipment that could potentially hold clues. Look for computers, tablets, or even locked cabinets that may require a code to access. These could be potential sources of information leading to the four-digit code.

If you are unable to find any immediate clues, consider exploring the room further. Move objects aside, open boxes, and inspect the contents of drawers or cabinets. It’s possible that the code may be hidden within or behind an item, requiring you to be resourceful and persistent in your search.

In some cases, the code may be obtained through a series of puzzles or riddles that need to be solved. Look for any cryptic messages or enigmatic symbols that may hint at a code or combination. Pay attention to any patterns or recurring themes that could guide you towards the correct solution.

Remember, every mission is unique, and the location of the four-digit code may vary. It is crucial to rely on your instincts, experience, and problem-solving skills to uncover the code. Trust in your abilities and don’t hesitate to think outside the box.

Once you have successfully located the four-digit code, proceed to the safe and input the numbers. Retrieve the electrical wires needed for the bomb, ensuring to handle them with care and follow proper safety protocols.

The four-digit code can be found in the room adjacent to the helipad. Through careful exploration, observation, and problem-solving, you will be able to uncover the code and successfully complete your mission. Good luck!