Where is settings in Apple TV app?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

In the Apple TV app on my Mac, I found the settings by following these steps:

1. First, I opened the Apple TV app on my Mac.
2. Next, I navigated to the top menu and clicked on “TV” to access the drop-down menu.
3. From the drop-down menu, I selected “Preferences” to open the preferences pane.

Once the preferences pane opened, I had access to various settings for the Apple TV app. The settings were organized into different categories, such as General and Playback. Here’s a breakdown of what each category offered:

1. General: In this section, I could customize the general settings for the Apple TV app. For example, I could choose whether my movies and shows are automatically downloaded for offline viewing. There was also an option to enable or disable the availability of content across devices, allowing me to seamlessly resume watching on different Apple devices.

2. Playback: This category allowed me to adjust the playback settings for streaming and downloading content. I could choose the streaming quality, which determined how the app streamed videos based on my internet connection. Additionally, I could set the download quality for offline viewing, ensuring that downloaded content met my preferred standards. There was also an option for multi-channel audio, which enhanced the audio experience when available.

It’s worth noting that these settings may vary depending on the version of the Apple TV app you are using and any updates that have been released. However, the steps provided should give you a general idea of where to find the settings in the Apple TV app on your Mac.

The settings in the Apple TV app on my Mac were easily accessible and allowed me to customize my viewing experience according to my preferences.