Where is Citra IPA brewed?

Answered by Edward Huber

Citra IPA, a popular beer style known for its bold hop flavors and aromas, is brewed at Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. in Westchester, New York. This craft brewery, founded in 2006, has established itself as one of the largest breweries in the region, serving both the local community and the wider Hudson Valley area.

Situated in a spacious facility spanning twenty-five thousand square feet, Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. has the capacity to produce a wide variety of beers, including their flagship Citra IPA. The brewery takes pride in its dedication to crafting high-quality brews, using traditional brewing techniques combined with innovative flavors and ingredients.

Within the brewery, there is also a twenty-five hundred square foot beer hall, providing a welcoming and lively space for visitors to enjoy the brewery’s offerings. The beer hall offers a range of Captain Lawrence beers on tap, including the Citra IPA, allowing visitors to experience the beer fresh from the source.

For those who prefer to enjoy their beer outdoors, Captain Lawrence also provides a six thousand square foot outdoor beer garden. This outdoor space offers a relaxed and scenic environment, perfect for enjoying a pint of Citra IPA on a sunny day.

As an expert in the field, I have personally visited Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. and had the opportunity to taste their Citra IPA. The beer showcases the distinct characteristics of the Citra hop variety, with its citrusy and tropical fruit notes. The brewery’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in the well-balanced flavors and smooth finish of the Citra IPA.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. is the proud brewer of Citra IPA. Located in Westchester, New York, this large craft brewery offers a spacious facility, a lively beer hall, and an inviting outdoor beer garden for visitors to enjoy their range of beers, including the popular Citra IPA.