Where do the ask to buy requests go?

Answered by Tom Adger

When it comes to Ask to Buy and Family Sharing, the ask to buy requests are sent directly to the family organizer. This feature is designed to give parents or guardians control over the purchases made by their children. So, whenever a child wants to make a new purchase or download a free app, game, or other content, a request is automatically sent to the family organizer.

The request is sent to the organizer’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, allowing them to review the item before making a decision. This ensures that the organizer has the final say in whether the purchase is approved or declined. It gives them the opportunity to assess the appropriateness of the content, consider the cost, and make an informed decision.

As the family organizer, you have the ability to view the details of the request, including the name of the item, its price (if applicable), and the Apple ID of the child making the request. This information can help you make a more informed decision. You can also see a description or preview of the item to better understand what it entails.

Once you have reviewed the request, you can choose to either approve or decline it right from your own device. If you approve the request, the purchase or download will proceed, and the item will be accessible to the child. If you decline the request, the child will be notified that the purchase was not approved.

It’s worth noting that the ask to buy feature is a great way to teach children about responsible spending and digital citizenship. By involving them in the decision-making process and discussing the reasons behind your approvals or declines, you can help them develop good financial habits and make informed choices.

In my personal experience, I have found the ask to buy feature to be incredibly useful in managing my family’s app and content purchases. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have control over what my children are accessing on their devices. It has also sparked meaningful conversations about budgeting and responsible online behavior.

When a child initiates a new purchase or free download through Ask to Buy and Family Sharing, the request goes directly to the family organizer. The organizer can review the item and make a decision to approve or decline the request from their own iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This feature provides a level of control and oversight for parents or guardians, ensuring that they have the final say in the purchases made by their children.