Where can I play chess with my friend online?

Answered by Robert Flynn

When it comes to playing chess online with friends, there are several websites that offer great platforms for this purpose. Here are six of the best websites where you can play chess with your friends for free:

1. Chess.com: Chess.com is one of the most popular and well-established websites for playing chess online. It offers both free and paid options, allowing you to play with friends, join tournaments, and participate in chess lessons and puzzles. The free version provides a range of features, but you can also opt for a paid subscription to access additional benefits like video lessons and unlimited puzzles.

2. Red Hot Pawn: Red Hot Pawn is another excellent option for playing chess online with friends. It offers a free platform where you can challenge your friends to games and play at your own pace. While the free version is sufficient, there is an optional subscription available for those who want additional features such as tournament participation and enhanced game analysis.

3. Lichess: Lichess is a free and open-source online chess platform that is known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. It allows you to create private games and invite your friends to play. Lichess also offers various game modes, including classical, blitz, and bullet, catering to players of different preferences and skill levels.

4. Chess24: Chess24 provides a platform for playing chess online with friends, as well as access to live tournaments and events. While there are paid options available, you can also enjoy many features for free, including private game invitations and analysis tools. The website also offers a premium membership for those who want access to additional content, such as video lessons and opening tutorials.

5. Sparkchess: Sparkchess is a visually appealing online chess game that allows you to play with your friends. The free version offers basic features, but you can also upgrade to the premium version for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. The premium version provides access to additional game features and advanced difficulty levels.

6. ChessTempo: ChessTempo is primarily known for its chess tactics training, but it also offers a platform for playing chess online with friends. The website’s focus on tactics can help improve your chess skills while enjoying games with your friends. While the basic features are free, there is a $3 per month option that unlocks additional benefits like unlimited tactics training and game analysis.

In my personal experience, I have used both Chess.com and Lichess extensively to play chess online with friends. Both platforms have user-friendly interfaces and provide a smooth gaming experience. The ability to create private games and invite friends makes it easy to connect and play with people you know. Additionally, the availability of different game modes and the option to analyze your games afterward is a great way to improve your skills and learn from your mistakes.

There are several great websites available for playing chess online with friends. Whether you choose Chess.com, Lichess, or any of the other options mentioned, you can enjoy the thrill of chess while connecting with your friends from anywhere in the world.