When you block someone on iPhone and then unblock them what happens?

Answered by John Hunt

When you block someone on your iPhone and then decide to unblock them, the consequences may vary depending on the specific situation. Let’s dive into the details of what happens when you block and unblock someone on your iPhone.

1. Blocking someone on iPhone:
– Blocking a contact on your iPhone essentially means that you are preventing them from contacting you through various means like phone calls, messages, and FaceTime.
– When you block someone, they won’t receive any notification about being blocked. It’s a silent action on your part.
– Blocked contacts won’t be able to call you or send you text messages, iMessages, or FaceTime requests.
– Additionally, they won’t be able to see if you’re online or typing when they try to message you.
– Any previous messages or calls from the blocked contact will not be deleted from your device. They will remain in your message history or call logs.

2. Unblocking someone on iPhone:
– When you decide to unblock a contact on your iPhone, the process is relatively straightforward.
– Once unblocked, the previously blocked contact will be able to call you, send you text messages, iMessages, and FaceTime requests again.
– However, it’s important to note that unblocking a contact doesn’t automatically restore the previous messages or call history that occurred during the period they were blocked.
– If you want to retrieve any messages or call history from the time the contact was blocked, you would need to refer to your message history or call logs.

It’s worth mentioning that blocking and unblocking someone on an iPhone doesn’t completely erase the previous interactions with that contact. The messages and call history are still stored on your device, but they may not be immediately visible or accessible when the contact is blocked.

In terms of the specific question about receiving messages from a blocked contact after unblocking them, it’s important to clarify that while a contact is blocked, any messages they send will not be held in a queue or delivered to you once you unblock them. The messages sent during the block period are essentially lost and you won’t receive them.

When you block someone on your iPhone and then unblock them, the contact will regain the ability to communicate with you. However, any messages or call history from the time they were blocked will not be available unless they were previously saved or backed up.