When should I change my Shippuden?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

When should I change to Shippuden?

As an avid fan of Naruto, I can understand the eagerness to dive into the next chapter of the story. So, let me guide you through when it’s the right time to transition from the original Naruto series to Naruto Shippuden.

1. Completion of Episode 135:
The original Naruto series concludes with Episode 135, titled “The Longest Moment.” This episode marks the end of Part I of the Naruto storyline. It’s a climactic point in the series where significant events unfold, and loose ends are tied up.

2. Main Storyline Continuity:
After Episode 135, the story takes a time-skip of approximately two and a half years. This transition leads us into Naruto Shippuden, which focuses on the characters’ growth and the continuation of the main storyline.

3. Character Development and New Challenges:
Naruto Shippuden delves deeper into the characters’ development, their relationships, and the challenges they face as they mature. The focus shifts to the Akatsuki organization, which becomes a central plot point in Shippuden. The series explores darker themes and intensifies the action, providing a fresh and gripping experience for fans.

4. Overall Progression and Time Skip:
The time skip in Naruto Shippuden allows the story to advance significantly, introducing new abilities, power-ups, and a more complex narrative. Characters’ appearances change, and their skills are refined, reflecting the growth they’ve undergone during the time gap. This progression adds depth and excitement to the storyline.

5. Seamless Transition:
One of the great aspects of Naruto Shippuden is that it seamlessly continues the narrative from where the original Naruto series left off. You won’t miss any crucial plot points or character developments by transitioning directly to Shippuden after Episode 135.

6. Filler Episodes:
It’s important to note that Naruto Shippuden, like many long-running anime series, contains episodes called “fillers.” These are episodes that deviate from the main storyline and are often not based on the original manga. While some fillers can be entertaining, they are not essential to understanding the main plot. You can choose to skip them if you prefer to focus solely on the main storyline.

If you’ve reached Episode 135 of the original Naruto series, you are ready to embark on the journey of Naruto Shippuden. The time skip, character development, and continuation of the main storyline make it the perfect transition point. Just be aware of the filler episodes and decide if you want to include them in your viewing experience. Enjoy the epic adventure that awaits you in Naruto Shippuden!