When did Roblox add friend limit?

Answered by Tom Adger

Roblox increased the friend limit to 200 in October. This change was made in order to make it easier for users to manage their friendships and accommodate the growing number of connections on the platform. Prior to this update, the friend limit was lower, which may have caused some inconvenience for users who had a large network of friends.

The decision to increase the friend limit was likely driven by user feedback and the need to enhance the overall user experience. As the Roblox community continued to grow and more users joined the platform, it became increasingly important to allow for a larger number of connections. This change aimed to provide users with more flexibility and room to expand their social circles within the Roblox community.

By increasing the friend limit to 200, Roblox acknowledged the importance of fostering connections and friendships among users. The platform recognized that friendships play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and engaging community. By allowing users to have more friends, Roblox enables them to connect with a wider range of people, collaborate on projects, participate in events, and engage in various activities together.

The update was rolled out in October and affected all users on Roblox. It entailed a reclassification of existing friends into different categories. Mutual Best Friends were converted to regular Friends, while non-mutual Best Friends and Friends became Followers. This reclassification allowed for a clearer distinction between different levels of friendship connections on the platform.

It’s worth noting that the friend limit increase was a significant change for the Roblox community. Prior to this update, users had to carefully manage their friend lists and often had to remove friends in order to make new connections. The higher friend limit now provides users with more freedom to connect and maintain relationships with a larger number of individuals.

The decision to increase the friend limit on Roblox was a response to the needs and feedback of the growing user base. It aimed to enhance the social experience on the platform, allowing users to build and maintain meaningful connections with a larger network of friends.