When did Catriona Rowntree get married?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Catriona Rowntree got married on Saturday 5 April 2008. This special day took place in the chapel of Geelong Grammar School, which is the old school of her husband, James Pettit. It must have been a beautiful and memorable occasion for the couple and their loved ones.

The fact that the wedding took place in the chapel of Geelong Grammar School adds a unique and personal touch to the event. It shows that the couple wanted to incorporate their personal histories and experiences into their special day. It also suggests a sense of tradition and nostalgia, as they chose to celebrate their union in a place that holds significance for James.

The choice of venue also indicates that Catriona and James wanted a more intimate and private ceremony. By opting for a school chapel rather than a more grandiose setting, they were able to create a cozy and meaningful atmosphere for their wedding. This decision reflects their desire to focus on the love and commitment they were making to each other, rather than getting caught up in the extravagance often associated with weddings.

It is worth mentioning that Catriona Rowntree’s wedding took place a year after she became engaged to James Pettit. This suggests that the couple took their time in planning and preparing for their marriage, ensuring that they were ready to make this lifelong commitment to each other.

The fact that Catriona Rowntree and James Pettit chose to marry in 2008 also has significance in terms of the timeline of their relationship. It indicates that they had been together for a substantial amount of time before deciding to tie the knot. This suggests a level of stability and commitment in their relationship, as they were able to take this next step in their journey together.

Catriona Rowntree’s wedding in April 2008 was a special and meaningful occasion for her and James Pettit. It represented their love and commitment to each other, as well as their desire for a personal and intimate celebration. The choice of venue added a unique touch to the wedding, reflecting their personal histories and creating a cozy atmosphere. It was a joyous day that marked the beginning of their journey as a married couple.