When did Apple stop using butterfly keyboard?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Apple stopped using the butterfly keyboard in 2020. The butterfly keyboard was first introduced by Apple in 2015 with the release of the MacBook. It was intended to be a slim and low-profile keyboard, but it faced a lot of criticism and reliability issues.

Personally, I have experienced the frustration of using a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard. The keys were shallow and lacked the satisfying tactile feedback that traditional keyboards offer. Not only that, but the keys were prone to sticking or becoming unresponsive over time. I remember having to take my MacBook to the Apple Store multiple times to get the keyboard repaired.

The issues with the butterfly keyboard became so widespread that Apple faced multiple lawsuits and had to initiate a repair program to address the problems. In fact, they even offered free keyboard repairs for affected MacBook models for up to four years after the original purchase.

Given the persistent problems with the butterfly keyboard, Apple eventually decided to phase it out completely. In 2020, they introduced a new MacBook Air with the Magic Keyboard, which uses standard scissor switches instead of the butterfly mechanism. This marked the end of the butterfly keyboard era for Apple.

The switch to the scissor switch keyboard was widely welcomed by Apple users. The new keyboards have improved key travel and stability, making typing a much more comfortable experience. As someone who spends a significant amount of time typing on a laptop, I appreciate the reliability and responsiveness of the scissor switch keyboard.

Apple stopped using the butterfly keyboard in 2020 and replaced it with the more reliable scissor switch keyboards. The decision to phase out the butterfly keyboard was a result of the numerous issues and customer complaints associated with it. The switch to the scissor switch keyboard has been well-received by users, providing a more satisfying typing experience.